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    TRACKLIST          |          BEHIND THE SOUNDS

    Pure Sounds of Michigan is a soothing compilation album that invites listeners to take a virtual, sunrise-to-sunset tour of the state from coast to coast as interpreted by some of Michigan’s most talented musicians. Organically inspired, the album is composed using signature ambient sounds of nature captured from 10 Michigan State Parks throughout the peninsulas—from gentle streams to rolling waves and indigenous birds to a variety of Michigan’s natural elements. From Lighthouse at Sunrise to The Rock (Bridge to a New Day), Pure Sounds of Michigan will send you on a transformational trek to a pure state of mind.


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    Lighthouse at Sunrise
    Dave Graw

    Nature awakens to the chirping, frolicking birds hitching rides along the brisk and gentle breeze. The distant sound of waves keep perfect time in a relaxing lull. The sun’s yawning rays fill the lake with floating diamonds of light while painting the edge of a distant lighthouse. Begin your day with the most breathtaking lighthouse views in Michigan.
    View from high above a lighthouse as the sun is rising over the lake
    Island Drift
    Todd Modes

    The ferry makes its gentle voyage drifting across the foggy glass lake. The breathtaking view of the approaching island fuels anticipation of horseback rides and cycling along hidden trails. The sounds of the passing breeze slowly yield to the laughter and excitement of families as you leave the mainland behind. There’s no better time to discover Michigan’s amazing Mackinac Island and simply drift away.
    Horse drawn carriage passing front of a Victorian hotel on Mackinac Island
    The Cedar and the Falls
    Blair French feat. Ahya Simone

    An early afternoon calls for a hike along the copper tinged falls unceasingly cascading over the towering sandstone cliff to the nearby river which could not become a more picturesque spot to kick back and take in the sight, the sounds and the unique aroma of the surrounding cedars. Fall in love with all of Michigan’s postcard waterfalls.
    Multilevel falls streaming towards you
    Forest Trails
    Windy & Carl

    After a few hours of absorbing the calm of the lake, you’re welcomed back to shore by the sound of rustling leaves echoing along the shoreline as you make your way to the canopy covered campground. The mid-day sun periodically shimmers through the treetops lighting up the forest trail inviting you to go and discover. Find the perfect place to lose yourself along the thousands of miles of pristine Michigan trails.

    Hiker walking along path overlooking a lake
    Childhood Memories
    John Beltran

    The sights and sounds of a summer afternoon converge to create the most memorable mental photos of a town where no one wants to leave, filled with the sounds no one will ever forget. Childhood laughter is accompanied by a distant surf crashing upon a pebbled shoreline under the occasional chimes of clock tower bells. Capture that place in time the entire family will remember for generations to come.
    Children in a row boat on a sunny day.
    City of Sand

    The moist breeze from a distant silvery lake turns dry as it makes its way over the rolling dunes and through your hair on its way to nowhere. The faint roar of dune buggies in the distance create the backdrop for a walk through the city of sand and sun. Discover the many ways to experience the dunes throughout Michigan.
    Crest of the sand dunes on a partly cloudy day
    Lake of the Clouds
    Eddie Logix

    As evening begins to transform the silhouettes of the mountains, one can almost visualize the deepening hues of nature as they create a painterly drama over the trees and clouds that magnificently reflect into a mirrored lake, taking you in and never letting go. Discover the Porcupine Mountains and their undeniable beauty Michigan has created for us.
    Looking down on Lake of the Clouds on a fall afternoon in the fall
    Dark Sky Dunes
    Greater Alexander

    Sunsets are a glorious punctuation to those seemingly endless summer days. What makes them even more unforgettable is the anticipation of the star-filled sky that follows as you lay upon the cool sand of the dunes waiting for the sun to slowly melt into the lake. Find more star-studded skies than you can count all across Michigan.
    Dunes at twilight with stars starting to emerge
    Campfire Rituals
    Sterling Toles feat. Rafael Statin

    The magic and music of a crackling campfire is both timeless and therapeutic especially when surrounded by family, friends, stories and songs that continue to stoke memories that burn bright years after the last ember has said goodnight. Keep campfire rituals alive and well all over the great state of Michigan.
    Crackling campfire in fire ring
    The Rock (Bridge to a New Day)

    Start a brand-new day with the natural soul and sounds of the city beginning from Belle Isle, affectionally known as The Rock by locals, and metaphorically crossing over its historical bridge to the urban wonder and surprise emanating from the beating heart of Southeast Michigan.
    MacArthur Bridge at sunrise facing Belle Isle from Detroit


    Transform your summer into the ultimate playlist. Let Pure Sounds of Michigan become the official soundtrack for your own pure tour of Michigan by printing and hanging this checklist as motivation to launch your own summer tour.


    For over a decade, Pure Michigan has placed focus on the seemingly endless supply of natural beauty and cultural experiences our great state has to offer its visitors. After years of inviting them to come to us, we came to the conclusion that it was time to export Michigan to them and Pure Sounds of Michigan was the way. It was now time for our journey to begin
    ?Partnering with Assemble Sound, a Detroit-based music company, we sent two Michigan-based composers (Blair French & Eddie Logix) to acquire high quality field recordings of each “pure” sound across ten state parks. The raw, recorded sounds were then distributed to additional Michigan-based composers, transforming them into musical tones and rhythm tracks which would become the instrumentation used in creating a compilation of 10 ambient soundscapes, affectionately referred to as Pure Sounds of Michigan.
    State Parks
    To celebrate the Michigan State Park Centennial, we teamed up with the Department of Natural Resources to assist our artists in finding the best pure sounds.
    Map of Michigan with the park locations called out
    The Artists

    Blair French

    A veteran producer of both dance and ambient music for over twenty years, Blair is well known for winning a “Best Original Score” from Cinema Eyes Honors in 2012 for his soundtrack for the acclaimed independent film “Detropia.” Acting as executive producer on this project, Blair handled all field recordings and mixing responsibilities, in addition to composing The Cedar and the Falls.

    Eddie Logix

    As an anchor in Detroit’s underground hip-hop, electronic and ambient scenes, Eddie was highly involved in this project from field recording to mastering. In addition to composing Lake of the Clouds, his work has been featured in countless commercials. He is currently preparing to release a debut full-length album with his dance music side-project “Mega Powers.”

    Dave Graw

    As the composer of Lighthouse at Sunrise, Dave is described as a curator of sound. Over the past 10 years, he’s poured considerable energy into collecting, assembling, building and mastering the perfect tools to craft evocative aural sculptures. The result of this intricate signal chain, he arranges, performs and records, with minimal or no overdubbing.

    Todd Modes

    Todd is a Detroit-based producer comfortable laying in the shadows while releasing mythic vinyl projects with labels like FIT Sounds, Golf Channel Recordings, M1 Sessions and Going Good Records. He has many side projects that have shown Modes compositions to be extremely diverse and imaginative. As shown on his composition of Island Drift, Todd’s passion for electronic music is centered on exploration and perfecting his unique sound.

    Ahya Simone

    A Detroit-based harpist, singer, artist and organizer, Ahya earned her degree from Wayne State University, where she was the principal harpist for the Wayne State University Wind Symphony. Beyond performing on The Cedar and The Falls, she has brought Detroit international exposure. Ahya’s versatile approach to harp and vocal artistry crossed the genres of classical, jazz and soul.

    Windy & Carl

    As composers of Forest Trails, Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren began writing music together in 1993. They have since released numerous LPs and singles with labels such as Kranky Records. Windy & Carl create imaginary film scores – music for the movies in your mind. These days, their time is split working on new music, walking their dogs and running Stormy Records – their 20 year old record store in Dearborn, Michigan

    John Beltran

    Composer of Childhood Memories, John was born in Lansing, Michigan and has been producing ambient electronic music since the early 90's. He first built his street cred with his techno dance single "Aquatic" for Carl Craig's label Retroactive in Detroit. In the mid-90's he would move on to record two seminal records in the ambient techno scene: “Earth and Nightfall” and “Ten Days of Blue.”


    AKA Detroit drummer and producer Erik Washington composed City of Sand drawing upon his wide spectrum of genres to create atmospheric soul music that is grounded with a heavy, danceable backbeat. Working more like a composer, Nuntheless flexes his live instrumentation and producer chops on every project and often collaborates with fellow Detroit musicians.

    Greater Alexander

    Composer of Dark Sky Dunes, Michigan folk artist Greater Alexander was named Metro Detroit’s best songwriter by the city’s alt weekly. His original piano and guitar works have been featured in ads for Amazon, Jeep, and Dodge, as well as the Comedy Central series “Detroiters.” Alexander’s full-length release “Positive Love” was re-released on vinyl in Japan where it sold out.

    Sterling Toles

    Composer of Campfire Rituals, East-side-bred, Cass-Corridor-educated Detroiter, Sterling views himself as a healer using sound. Initially a rapper in hip hop groups, he transitioned into music production in 1997, and has since worked with the likes of Invincible, Boldy James and Finale. Sterling holds open space in his home studio for Detroit artists to experiment and was named a 2016 Kresge Artist Fellow.

    Rafael Statin

    On the Bass Flute in Campfire Rituals, Rafael hails from Detroit, attended Detroit School of Arts and began to seriously study jazz at age 15 with Detroit's own Sax Master George Benson. He also studied and played with the Detroit Symphony Jazz Orchestra and is considered one of those rare young jazz instrumentalists who can combine great passion, intellectual discipline and a spiritual fire of creativity.


    Hailing from Conant Gardens Detroit, Waajeed composed The Rock (Bridge to a New Day). His inventive and genre-defying career gained prominence when he formed hip hop’s Slum Village. Later, he created Bling47, a Motown inspired label which specialized in hip hop and soul. His current focus is expanding on Detroit’s electronic legacy on his DIRT TECH RECK label.
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